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The COLFIRE Motor Renewals Portal is a free service to all our COLFIRE Customers to access their Motor Insurance Renewal Notices.

The COLFIRE Motor Renewals Portal offers many benefits:

  • Easy Access to your Renewal Notices

  • Self Service with the ability to give renewal instructions online

  • No waiting . Once we have received your instructions to renew, your renewal documents would be prepared and available for collection at any one of our COLFIRE offices nearest you. Come in make your payment and collect the documents.

Kindly verify that all information herein is accurate before submitting.

You should allow two (2) working days for processing of documents.

Register for the COLFIRE Renewals Portal

You will need to register to access the features of the the COLFIRE Renewals Portal.
Login to the COLFIRE Renewals Portal

If you have registered for COLFIRE Renewals you will need to login with the user name and password provided by the COLFIRE Customer Service Team.

>> If you have forgotten your password

Download the COLFIRE Renewals Brochure in PDF format.
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